Registering a birth: How to register the birth of your baby

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  • Legally, birth registration has to be done within six weeks of a baby being born in the UK.

    Here, we explain exactly how you go about registering a birth including who can register, and the details you’ll need to take with you.



    • The health authority or hospital where your baby was born will notify the registrar of your baby’s birth. You then have to register it yourself
    • 你可以在任何出生登记Register Office, although it may take a few days longer to process if you go to one in a different district to where your baby was born
    • Birth registration in England and Wales is handled by the General Register Office (GRO). Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own General Register Offices. They are based in the local council (or London or Metropolitan borough) office. To find your nearest, go to theGeneral Register website
    • 一些医院在离开之前有用于注册婴儿出生的设施。因此,如果您的孩子在医院里,请询问



    Most parents register their child’s birth, but sometimes neither the mother nor father can attend. In this case, registration can be done by:

    • 您孩子出生的房屋或医院的占领者
    • 出生时在场的人
    • 负责孩子的人


    Registering a birth



    • 护照
    • 出生证明
    • Deed poll
    • Driving license
    • 地址证明
    • 理事会税单
    • 婚姻或民事合伙证书


    If you’re registering a birth on your own you may need to take a paternal test to show the father’s identity is correct.


    • The registrar will need your baby’s date and place of birth (and the time of birth if you had twins or triplets) as well as his or her sex
    • You also need to tell them the forename(s) and surname you have chosen for your baby
    • 注册服务商还需要您的详细信息:如果您已婚,您的姓名,地址,职业,日期和出生地和少女名称。另外,如果您在婴儿出生时与婴儿的父亲结婚,以及您有几个其他孩子的日期。如果父亲要列入证书,您还需要提供详细信息
    • 您和注册服务商都阅读了文档后,您都签名
    • 在签署之前,您提供的所有信息都是准确的,这一点非常重要。如果犯了错误,您将来将有机会纠正它们,但可能需要时间

    Your baby’s birth certificate

    You can have two types of birth certificate that the registrar will give you. The short version that contains only your baby’s details is free. The full version also contains all of your details and costs from £8.50 to £11.50. You can buy extra copies at any time and can order certificates by post or online.

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